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The Balloon Episode: Adventure in the Skies And Death From Above

 On This Episode, casualties mount in the early space race as the United States and other nations struggle to regain the record for the highest altitude reached from the fledgling Soviet Union.  But the US finds a secret weapon, a canyon in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  And then, The Empire of the Rising Sun attempts to reign fire and death from above on the Sioux Empire. Voice Actors:  Adam Wells, Brett Stolz, Amanda Mehling, Leah Simmons, Levi Hanson, Luke Johnson, Malia Lukomski, and Nathan Hults. Produced and Written by Robert Mehling Transcript Before we get started a little business this month, If you like the podcast please tell your friends about this podcast. If you really really like us, consider supporting us on Patreon and getting access to sweet behind the scenes show notes, photos, and more. Patrons like Kristin I and Anchor Supporter Deborah M help make this podcast possible, Thank you. A special thank you to the Siouxland Libraries of