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The Rise and Fall of the Ku Klux Klan

Without warning Four shots ring out and echo through the valley of Poorman’s Gulch outside of Lead South Dakota.  Father Belknap lies bleeding on the ground.  He’s been shot at point-blank range by four .45 Caliber rounds.  Here on the ground, he will bleed to death in his priestly vestments that he’d quickly put on, having been lured to this spot by being told a member of his flock desperately needed last rights.  The brutality of this crime will shock both Catholics and protestants across South Dakota.  The year is 1921 and Father Belknap’s killers will never be found. The rise and fall of the Klu Klux Klan in South Dakota is next. Learn more at This episode features interviews with: Dr. Michael GĂ©rard White, Film professor and head of the Hot Attic Film school at Wayne State College and teaches film criticism and production. Shelby Hagerdon, a historian with a major in film th