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Halloween 2020 Four True Tales of South Dakota Terror

There are hundreds of ghost towns and forgotten settlements in South Dakota.  Some of these abandoned structures still stand as silent monuments to the ambitions of men long dead.  A few are now grassy fields with perhaps, only a graveyard to mark the name of a community long dead and buried with its deceased residents.  Each of these places once thronged with noises of life and generated thousands of stories, the byproduct of the dramas of life on a frontier.  Those stories are for another time.  For it is October, and the grass is browning, the crops drying, and the earth is slowly dying.  A ghost story is in order.  But which ghost story?  South Dakota has so many.  In this episode, four documented stories of strangeness and tragedy.  The gruesome death of a mysterious foreign woman and subsequent haunting make her the first ghost report ever recorded in Deadwood. The Sisseton tell a tale of a valley where the earth bleeds and cries. A lady card shark plays her final hand. Still,